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Hi all, I'm Jake Swanson and I'm a senior gearing up to graduate in May with a BA in Strategic Communications. I'm posting late because I spent last weekend at an ice fishing tournament on Lake Mille Lacs where there was a TV crew filming it for a new reality show. My plan was to attend the tournament and get on TV. I also wanted to pester the crew about video production and impress them with what I had learned on our first day of class. Unfortunately, they must have cancelled the shoot or something because I didn't see a single camera.

When I'm not seeking out my 15 minutes of fame, I'm quietly going about life attending school, playing intramural or co-rec sports, and watching movies, TV, YouTube, etc. I watch the Twins and Vikings and try to go to as many games as possible (which in 2012 was only one each). For movies and TV, I watch what I can find on Netflix and I'm always happy to see new shows on there.

I'm going to share a clip from Apocalypse Now featuring Robert Duvall as the infamous LTC Kilgore where he utters AFI's 12th most famous quote in movie history.

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