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Hi, I'm Megan Gullifer, I'm a sophomore with a passion for anything to do with film. One day I hope to be either a director, producer, or screenwriter for any kind of film. One fun thing I've done recently was be the Media Specialist up at a summer camp. What I had to do was take pictures of the daily life of the campers and then stay up til about 4am on Friday nights making a 12 minute video and making about 100 DVD copies to give to the campers before they went home. Here's one of the videos I made for the first boys week, its only half of it or so.

My all-time favorite movie is the 1947 classic musical called "Good News" its about a frat and a sorority at Tate college in the roaring 20s and everyone is trying to find love. They have great song and dance numbers! Heres the song "He's a Ladies Man." I wish men still did stuff like this today to impress a girl :)

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