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Hi everyone! My name is Sara Weeres and I am a Junior with a BME and Communication Studies major. Over break I went to Florida for a week and unfortunately brought back no warm weather (I am not usually this tan in January...). I decided to take this class because I did theater in high school but never knew anything about the behind the scenes or production side of it so I thought I would expand my horizons and it fit into the Communication part of my major. I also took Intro to Electronic Media last semester and thought it was really interesting.

I have a very broad love for movies; everything from Pretty Woman, to a Few Good Men, to cheesy chick flicks. First and foremost my favorite show is Sex and the City. Even though movies were not the best I still own both of them and have watched them repeatedly. I have to say one of my all time favorite movies is She's the Man, staring Amanda Bynes who pretends to be her twin brother at a new school so she can play on the boys soccer team. Every single scene has some hilarious one liner and below is one of my favorite scenes when she first meets her roommates.

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