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Hi everyone!!!! My name is Pak Yeung Ling and I am from Hong Kong. You can call me Pak or Tony( my English nickname). I am a junior student with a communication studies major at UMN. Although I am not from the same country as all of you, I enjoy learning different culture and hopefully we would have a great interaction during the class period. The reason of me to take this class because I enjoy doing media works, and I did have some experience working in studio in my previous college (Mostly editing video).

In the winter break, I went to San Diego with my friends. It was a fantastic journey because I got a chance to visit one of the biggest zoo in the world since I am an animal lover. Unfortunately, I didn't have chance to swim on the Mission Beach, one of the hottest beach in San Diego, because of the cold weather. Therefore, I am planning to visit San Diego again on spring break with my family.

Movie is my favorite entertainment so I like to go to movie theater in the weekend. In the United States, I need to watch twice for the same movie sometime because there is no subtitle.

One of my favorite movie is Rush Hour 2 because I like action movie. And also Jackie Chan is my favorite idol. Here is one of the fighting scenes at the movie I would like to share with you, I always laugh when I watch this clip because of their facial expressions

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