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Hey everyone! My name is Dan Faber and I'm a sophomore who's most likely going to major in environmental policy, science, and management (ESPM). I am for the most part a quiet and reserved person but have a passion for most anything to do with movies; writing is soothing and gratifying to me even if it's just short snippets of thought that rarely add up to much. I aspire to one day write and direct a feature film and also travel more!

I love to travel and this summer I had the fantastic opportunity to live and learn abroad in Florence, Italy. Visiting cities and experiencing the culture in person (rather than on Rick Steve's Europe) was an experience that I'll always cherish, and I learned that it's the people rather than the cities that made it all the more fun.

I look forward to working with all of you! I love the movie Step Brothers; I really enjoy the bunk-bed scene because it always makes me laugh, so here it is:

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