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I chose a music video for this post. The video for The Lumineers song "Ho Hey!" made use of their lighting in a way that produced moving and unique effects. The scene takes place in a seemingly abandoned building with lights hung from all around to give the feeling of a different era.

Lighting was used very intentionally in this production to create a desired feeling when watching this video. They chose to light from all around the subjects, which for the most part created a moderately slow falloff to make the subjects seem warmer. Some shots, however, used more shadows to create dimension and texture.The choice they made to light from all around was a use of chairoscuro lighting that made the lighting feel more organic. While watching this, I felt that I was seeing all of the lights that they used to light the production, while I'm sure they used some additional lights to produce those desired effects. They also used the directional function of chairoscuro lighting in order to help guide the viewer's attention to the confetti that was coming from above. This emphasis, in my opinion, created warmth and joy in this production. In that way, they also communicated the emotional function of happiness and joy throughout those lighting choices. They also chose to use silhouette lighting to establish intensity in the beginning of the music video with the lead singer walking towards the camera with the light coming through the door from behind him.

The lighting choices in this production were used in a meaningful way to make lighting into a character in this scene. The lighting they choose very specifically chose to emphasize certain elements of the scene in order to emphasize the look of joy on an individual's face or the falling of confetti from the ceiling. The lighting decisions perfectly paired with their costuming choices to give the effect of an old time setting, perhaps the earlier part of the 20th century. The creative choices made this video aesthetically interesting to watch and I feel that they produced the desired effect well.


I think that this video was a really great example of lightening and it’s one of my favorite music videos. It shows a lot of chiaroscuro lighting and I agree with you that the whole video is very warm and organic, which a lot of time chiaroscuro light can have be very intense and give a dangerous feel. I also feel like the whole environment and costume choices fit the lighting and brings the whole video together.

I agree, the lighting used in the video really sets the mood well. In class last week I noticed that the video starts with a shot of a black and white photograph before panning right; the neutral, almost sepia-like color throughout the video gives an impression of a look that is similar to black and white photography. this look really emphasizes any color used throughout the video like the flowers, windowpanes, and confetti at the end.

Every time I see this music video, I think of talking about it in class. I think it's interesting that the Lumineer's have the word light in it (Lumi), and had such a great example of lighting effects in the music video. It sets the mood for the short and catchy song, and makes it feel like you are at the end of the hallway they are walking down. I liked the lighting choices from the Christmas lights hanging and moving to the sound of the music/voices, to the way they used backlighting behind the doors to make it look like it was bright outside. It was constructed perfectly for the feel of early 90's.

I meant to post something about this after seeing it in class, but I absolutely love how the lights increase in brightness along with the music. It's something I would like to see more in videos but it's a shame that we don't. I also love the lowered lighting and the gradual increase in the overall lighting as the song progresses. Great Song, Great Video!

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