Prompt #2: Lighting

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I chose a musical number scene from "Singin' In The Rain" where the two lovebirds, Kathy and Donald go to an empty movie set together. The part of lighting that I like and is a great example of is within the first minute of this movie clip where Donald sets up the stage lighting to make the "proper" scenery setting to tell Kathy how he feels, through song and dance of course.

Even though Donald is setting up his own lighting, when Kathy stands on the ladder her face is fully lit up, using slow falloff lighting, using floodlights to create a soft light without shadows on her face. On contrary, it seems as if the lighting is lit from above-eye-level even though Donald is below her as she stands on the ladder. Another last observation is the use of three point lighting, another way to reduce shadows, to give her a perfect complexion look, a very popular lighting technique of the time period to make the female stars look dream-like, and angelic.

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Wow, that's a really great scene to use when looking at lighting in film! I like how especially in the beginning they have each lighting cue one at a time as he is turning them on so that they layering of lights is apparent to the viewer. The colors were beautiful, and as you pointed out the talent's faces are both perfectly lit with soft light even amid the other stuff around them.

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