One of the strangest music videos i have seen that uses color in a very interesting way is for the song "Somebody that i use to know" by Gotye. The color is not only in the background but also painted on the two people in the video and a lot of the colors are used as symbolism. The song is about a break up and how the girls has moved on from his life. This is symbolized through the brighter colors on the girl compared to the guy. The colors on the guy also give off a lower energy, being different kinds of tans and browns whereas the girls has some of the brown but more green and a little yellow on her side. As strange as this music video seems at first, it is that much interesting and uses colors very well to get the emotions across.


I agree that this music video uses color in a very interesting way and really makes color the main character and driver for the "plot" of their breakup. I agree that the color is used symbolically as well, so here's my take on that symbolism. I noticed that at the beginning of the music video, it was just him against the pale pink wall. The two tones used were so similar that it gave the effect of him blending into the wall. After that, when the paint comes in, I feel like that part means that he has almost become part of the wall. When we see her at first covered in paint, we assume that they are similar and meant to be together. In the end, her paint is removed and we realize that she is moving on.

This video is so weird, but I never really thought much into it. They really do use a lot of different color, but they are mostly neutral dull colors. I feel like once the colors start to come into the video, he starts to lose himself, as if he's not important and hasn't come to terms with the break up. Really interesting way to communicate a message to the viewers through colors.

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