Color in Dexter


The first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about the use of color was the show Dexter. They use red so often to show blood spatter that the viewer can lose focus on the intensity the color is creating. I choose to use the scene when Dexter is working in a hotel room and keeps imaging the room filled with blood, just like the pool of blood he was born in in the shipping container.


This scene is a good example color because the red spattered all over the white room shows the torture and evil that lives in Dexter's memory. The red is able to stand out and draw your attention when being used on a white background.

I think the biggest impact by the color and the blood is the symbolism of the river of blood that flows through the middle of the room. I believe it signifies Dexter being drawn into these horrible memories by the current of the bloody river. The river also makes the viewer feel as if they can feel the vast emptiness inside of Dexter.

As Dexter is continually brought back to this image every time he enters the hotel room, I believe the viewer can get a deeper and better connection with his past. The scene does not surprise the viewer because of the great amount of blood (since the entire show is very bloody already), the blood creates thought and brings a little of relatability to the character.


I think Dexter is an excellent choice of an example for color and I love the show! I agree that the red symbolizes the torture and evil, not only in each scene, but in his everyday life. Red is a constant representation of Dexter’s past and his “murder mind” that he is stuck with. Good point with the red “river” as well.

I'd also like to bring to attention just how bright and vibrant the red blood is in this scene. Real blood is much darker than this, at least my blood is much darker than this (although I could be a mutant of some kind). The blood in this scene has very high energy and a very warm temperature. I feel like the show's creators chose such bright red blood because they want Dexter to be more of a humorous/satirical comedy than a realistic crime show like CSI. Whoever would've thought you could make serial killers funny by just changing the color of blood?

This scene in Dexter is a very symbolic one because the saturated color of red blood brings him back to his past. This is a great example of color. The name of the episode was called "seeing red", which also makes the scene most significant. I didn't really realize about how the placed the blood to look like a river, that's a good point.

I never watch Dexter before but thank for posting this image. In the other blog post: Red in American Beauty, it also used red color. Although Dexter and American Beauty both used red color, the perception was different. In American Beauty, red means elegant, sexy, and beautiful. In Dexter, I can't perceive red at the same way as American Beauty,red in here is dangerous,disgusting and horrible. It is good example to tell me that there is diverse ways to use color, each color will cause different perception in different movie. I know what I should during the summer break..watching Dexter at home.

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