It took me awhile to find an image of a movie that I felt was a good representation of color. I wanted to find something that highlighted very vivid color in a way that shows the intensity of a film. For those very reasons, I chose an image from Transporter 2.

(sorry ya'all, I tried a million times to insert image and it just would not work!)

Once you can see the image, you will notice how raw and vivid it is. I chose this specifically because I feel it does a good job at representing the color throughout the whole movie. This image is highly saturated and the colors shown individually are very bright and rich. Increasing the character development of "Lola" as she is pictured here. She does not stop and through color, the viewer can see the rawness behind her and how violent she is. You will also notice that because of the high saturation and brightness, this image has an intense yellow hue. If you have seen this movie, you will know that a lot of the scenes are filmed with this same color tint. This is a great example of color energy and the overall aesthetic impact it is supposed to have on the viewer. Transporter 2 is a very high energy and action packed film and the use of color, especially in this shot, creates that further for the viewer. Therefore increasing the accelerated and fast-paced, high anxiety "inner orientation" the film produces.


I see what you mean by the intensity in her face here, but I'm interested to know if it continues throughout the rest of the movie. I haven't seen it, but based on what I do know it seems like this image doesn't really change throughout. Thoughts?

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