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I choose the clip from Jurassic Park for my Prompt #4. The reason why I choose this movie is because the major character is dinosaur. As we know,they don't know the same language as human do, so we only can use their sound to identify their motivation. It is a huge challenge for the director to make this movie.
At the beginning of the clip, the sound is kind of slow and melodious. Audience would anticipate the characters are at the mystery place. Then the lady started asking question within anxious emotion. This is one of the example of literal and nonliteral sound combinations. She is asking question (literal) within a deep voice while there is a melodious background music (Nonliteral).
So, do we know that there is something danger coming soon ( before you actually see the dinosaur alive)? Yes, we do. The sound is being quiet and soft slight while the lady seen the specimen of dinosaur. We could visualize she will be in danger at the moment. One of the factors of outer orientations of sound, situation. Although the dinosaur wasn't moving at that moment, the sound created a precarious feeling for fearing us.
You still can hear the husky sound of the dinosaur while the characters were running away from the dinosaur, it was the example of source- disconnected sounds. You still can hear its voice whiles the dinosaur was in off-screen space. As the wheeze gets louder and louder, the dinosaur gets closer and closer.
I hope you guys enjoy this clip.


This is a great example of how you can use sound to create suspense! As you mentioned, the music does a really great job of foreshadowing the action. These nonliteral sounds are really important in this clip when the music crescendos, which indicates suspense or action. I also really liked the literal sounds they chose to add, like the crunch of the egg under his feet, the camera noise, and the cages being pushed around. I also agree with your statement about how the sounds of the dinosaur helps us to track where the dinosaur is within this world.

This is a great scene to show sound. I agree that the music playing in the beginning is foreshadowing danger. I think that it very eerie and that it could either be foreshadowing danger or a brilliant discover. The source-disconnected sound of the dinosaur chasing after them is crucial to the scene too. Without that addition, the viewers do not realize the trouble that the characters are in. I decided to watch this clip with no sound and I found that I can infer that there is danger, but it does video alone does not giving the whole feeling of danger and fear.

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