Star Trek: First Contact


I chose this clip from Star Trek: First Contact because it has so many different types of sounds. In this clip, the Enterprise has been told to "standby" while other ships attack a Borg cube because a few years earlier, Captain Picard had been abducted and assimilated by the Borg. Despite his desire to protect Earth, Captain Picard and his crew are forced to wait by the sidelines and listen to their ships get destroyed.

At the beginning of the clip, there is a lot of diegetic sounds, although most of them are source-disconnected because we are hearing the people talk, but cannot see them and it is clear from their voices that they are scared and hurried, and it is probable that are not going well. After a minute or so of hearing this, Captain Picard begins to speak and we are hearing source-connected conversation. His tone indicates a sense of defiance, which supports his words (although I believe Data's response is the best).

After the Enterprise crew decides to defy orders and join the battle, we start hearing a lot of non-diegetic sounds. First, with the "red alert" sound that begins screaming to indicate danger, then background music cues in to create a feeling of foreboding, danger, and excitement. The clip ends with a battle scene, the Enterprise destroying the Borg cube. There is a lot of diegetic sound in this part as we hear and see phaser fire and explosions over and over.


I think this was a very good example of various diegetic sounds. Some of the conversation you could see who was speaking but then when they were listening to the monitor it was source-disconnected and you could hear voices but you could not see the people. I also thought there were a lot of good diegetic sounds in the battle scene with the explosions and shootings. Good pick!

I am not very familiar with the Star Trek franchise, but I think I can still appreciate what you are talking about with sound in this clip. As you pointed out, there are some really great examples of source-disconnected and diegetic sounds here. It's cool to see these together and in interaction with the rest of the scene.

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