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I chose this scene from the movie Adaptation because it is a great example of a time lapse. This movie is a semi-autobiography about the main character's struggle to make the book The Orchid Thief into a movie.

The movie is two movies in one. It's about a man who tries to write an original film that doesn't follow the typical Hollywood themes of sex, drugs, plot twist, etc. Then the film turns into the typical cliché Hollywood film with life lessons and secrets. Finally this scene appears at the very end of the film with the song "Happy Together" just like a film typically would end.

This scene is a great example of subjective time because we view a scene that shows multiple days pass, but we are only watching the scene for about 30 seconds. One aspect of this scene that I find interesting is that the camera decides focus in on the flowers, while the camera continues to lose focus on the background.


Very cool video! That was a beautiful example of a time lapse. We see the world almost from the eyes of the flowers, so we're in tune with the blooming of the flowers instead of the blooming of the city. I agree that this is a great example of subjective time. We aren't specifically aware of the clock time that has passed. The sun rises and sets within the video, which gives us clues, but the main focus is on the flowers life cycle. Beautiful video, thanks for sharing!

Yeah that is a super cool video! While watching I expected something else to happen at the end of the time lapse but then I realized how many "days" went by and just watching the new flowers come and go. Everyone has seen the typical time lapse of the cars at stop lights, you can see that in almost any tv show that takes place in new york, but focusing on an actual life cycle as time goes by. It's breathtaking!

That is a really pretty example of a time lapse! I haven't seen the movie, but it seemed like it just served to show the passing of time overall without focusing on a specific figure changing. I also really liked how the music picked up in the middle when it got dark and time started moving faster. It was very well rounded in that respect as well as beginning and ending with the same look. Thanks for sharing!

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