Building Depth

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Building a sense of depth can relate meanings to the viewer about the story or about a character. Paul Thomas Anderson uses depth and negative space in the opening shot of his film Punch Drunk Love to great effect. The opening shot in general is very important because it is what sets up the rest of the film; from the beginning of the movie we see the protagonist, Barry Egan, alone at his desk with a lot of negative space around him. This shot enhances the isolation and loneliness that the character feels and gives a visual representation of his character. We learn that Barry is very uncomfortable around others and has some pent up rage because of his feeling of isolation, it is fitting that we first see the character in such a large warehouse space working alone at a desk.

In addition, the color of the shot enhances the character. The wall and even Barry's suit is a deep blue color that recurs throughout the movie, mirroring his anxiety and saturating the image.

Punch Drunk Love.jpg

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