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When thinking of depth the first movie that comes to mind is the film Inception. When I think of this film I just remembered all of the buildings and how they would shift and move into different places to create the illusion that they were in front of you one minute and the next they were like a wall next to you. The movie is all about creating illusions and making these dream feel like real life and that is what depth is all about; giving something three-dimensional space to make it feel real. When Ariadne, the main female character, starts messing with this aspect of the dreams it starts to look different. She plays with the z-axis plane first, when she moves the buildings and city from far away and makes it so they go above her and appear closer to her than they were before. These buildings in her dream also make an overlapping plane, because some buildings are covering another. The relative size of these buildings also increase when she chooses to move them because before you could not even see some of them but then they get bigger and bigger when she alters them. When the city finally is right above them they experience a height in plane with the camera from below because the camera is not shooting parallel to the ground.

The clip from Inception that I chose to talk about starts at 40 seconds. This is the part of the movie when Ariadne learns how to "build" dreams and how to make them feel like a reality. She then starts to mess with the buildings and the city and by doing this creates various depths throughout.


I love this scene from Inception. I think this is a perfect scene to show depth. I think the director is a to use depth to really 'wow' the viewer by doing something that no one has ever thought of before because they are working in a dream. The overlapping planes are interesting because they are not the typical overlapping technique. They are overlapping and converging at the same time, which I think makes the scene even better. Great movie choice!

I was thinking to use this movie as a demonstration of depth effect, but this movie is kind of hard to understand for me. I am glad that you chose it.In this movie, you can see that the director spent a lot of time on depth effect.From 00:47 is a good example of overlapping plane because there are so many building covered by each other. More than that, inception gives me a new interpretion of depth effect, which is depth also can produced in up side down (01:33). Good movie choice.

Wow, I couldn't think of a better example for the depth effect. I have only seen half of inception (I stopped because I was getting confused) but I think this scene defines what the movie title is all about. A great display of it is how when the city is folding over, the shadows really emphasize the depth as it starts from behind it and folds over it. And the mirror scene, talk about depth there with repetition with the characters and the sizes that they become in the far distance. Great example, well done!

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