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I chose this scene from Family Guy because of its effect on the viewer's subjective time perception.

After 4 seasons of trying to kill his mother, Stewie decides he loves her after she rescues his teddy bear from certain destruction. He becomes enamored with her and desperate for her constant attention, wearing Lois out. Lois is finally attempting to rest when Stewie enters her bedroom and this scene occurs.

It seems at least once an episode, Family Guy has a scene like this that starts out fine but then the pace is suddenly halted for a long, drug out something or another that, although it is less than a minute long, feels to the viewer as though it is never going to end. Also, I found the rhythm of this scene particularly interesting because although Stewie is using different forms of the word "mom" and they vary in the number of syllables, he keeps a fairly consistent beat. The words with multiple syllables are sped up and the pauses between words are the same each time, which is one of the only things that makes the scene tolerable for the viewer when the pace comes to an abrupt stop.


I love this as a show of time. It also seems to be something that McFarlane and the people on Family Guy use often especially with Brian and Stewie when talking about Brian's Book that he's been working on. It might even be something that defines McFarlane as an author since we see it in the movie Ted as well.

I don't think there is a better show on television than Family Guy that consistently plays with the viewers subjective time perspective. Like you said, this occurs in almost every episode. It seems like they make it last for minutes. When I'm watching the show, these always last way longer than I am comfortable watching because I feel as though the scene needs to go on, but McFarlane just won't let that happen.

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