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Alright everybody, I've been waiting the entire semester to use this piece of cinematic genius for a blog post and so, here it goes. The ending scene of "The Room", Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece from 2003, which I recommend everyone sees multiple times, contains montage images in which, the camera cuts from Johnny's rage to shots from earlier in the movie of Lisa, who has since betrayed Johnny by sleeping with Mark, his best friend. By having these shots in close succession, we can see just how the relationship has changed across the movie, from deep lovers at the beginning to now this scene where all of his friends have betrayed him and he is "fed up with this world". It's really done quite well, despite, well, the rest of the movie. As we can really feel the pain that Johnny is feeling because of what Lisa has done. This is also a comparison montage because while the events that are being shown in this scene are not necessarily related to Johnny's rampage here, They all come together to show that Lisa betrayed him and so now he is where he is. I am also going to include the full movie here, so everyone can see it in all its glory.


This movie is a work of art. Thank you for posting this. I agree that this is a great example of complexity editing. They heavily prioritize conveying the emotion that the main character is feeling over achieving a seamless visual flow. The shots go back and forth between Johnny's anguish and clips of him and Lisa having intimate affairs. While the acting was the true gem in this piece, the montage they created was effective and interesting. For those of you who haven't seen this, get a group of friends together and WATCH THIS MASTERPIECE.

The room, a good demonstration of complexity editing. Thank you for posting this. Under this editing, it makes this scene more intensity. I like the idea of adding montage during the scene. It was interesting. The feeling probably won't be that strong without those montages. It shows the deep part of his heart. I know that he is sad and painful because of his facial expression, but the montages bring audience into his mind. Johnny sad because his girlfriend cheats on him, he also thinks back the time of him and his girlfriend together. And also, thank you for posting the full version here as well, then I don't have spend extra time to search this movie. In addition, this scene also included continuity editing, start from the beginning to 03:00.

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