Gas Right Strips

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The clip that I chose is a commercial parody courtesy of Saturday Night Live. It is a parody of the informercial genre. They are proud to introduce NEW Gas Right Strips, from the makers of BreatheRight Strips! Essentially, while BreatheRight Strips prop open your nose so that you don't snore, this product props open your butt so that you don't fart while you're sleeping. I know it's immature, but it's pretty funny anyways. (you'll have to click the link, they have disabled embedding in this video for some reason!)

I think that this clip counts as an informercial parody because it adheres to many of the conventions of the genre while simultaneously poking fun at it. It's very common to have the creator of a product introduce their product to the viewer directly. In the Gas Right commercial we have the creator doing exactly that, telling the viewer what need he was hoping to fill. It then goes to the montage of him in his own bed with his wife and how disruptive his gas was to his wife. Then, the typical "scientific demonstration" comes where they demonstrate that the technology is revolutionary. In the Gas Right commercial, we have a demonstration with foam pads that are formed to look like rear ends. They demonstrate using those pads that the Gas Right strip actually makes it so that no noise comes out when air goes through. At the end, it goes back to the creator's testimonial of how his product changed his life and it all ends with the snappy slogan: "They spread your butt cheeks apart!"

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That was hilarious! Nobody does parody and satire like SNL. Even their bits from 30 years ago are still funny! My all-time favorites are definitely the Jeopardy skits with Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek.

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