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I chose the video of the scene in Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows (Part Two) of the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. A little background on Harry Potter for those of you who don't know is that Harry is an orphan wizard who goes to a magical school, and he soon learns that an evil wizard, Lord Voldemort killed his parents and has come back from the dead, which then he goes after Harry. Harry is the only one who can defeat Voldemort. All in all, after 8 movies and 7 books later, Harry has finally killed Voldemort, which is what the scene is below. They use continuity editing, by using action continuity. They try to cut a lot during the action film, making it feel more intense and dramatic. They also use rhythm editing, for when they cut a lot during the action shots, they have music that go along with it. When they aren't in the action shots, they have no sounds or music. They also use a different variety of dynamics, from long shots to close ups, and fast and slow. I think all of their choices for the scene went well with what was going on and made the audience feel more involved in the scene.


Good post, I love Harry Potter! I like how they intercut the action between Harry and Voldemort with Ron and Hermione showing all three of them in danger at the climax of the film. I think that worked very well to heighten the drama of the scene. I agree, the scene has a rhythm to the cuts that works well with the music and action to intensify the drama even more.

Yes, Harry Potter! This is a great clip. I agree that this is a great example of continuity editing. You can especially tell that this is the case when Harry is always on the right side of the screen and Voldemort is on the left side when they cut back and forth. I also noticed the cutaway when they cut to the elder wand flying through the air. They changed their shot composition only slightly after that, but they could have changed vector directions after that. I agree that they rhythm of the cuts makes the viewer more engaged in the action!

I would agree with all of the above! Great post. There is something that each Harry Potter film does very well and that is set a mood through the editing. I think in this last movie, they especially did a good job with the continuity editing like you pointed out. There is a lot going on in this scene but each individual part helps create the dynamic energy and it still makes sense for the viewer. I also like how you brought up the sound and the sound editing. I think playing music and cutting it off during certain times was a very good move on the director's part. The eeriness when it is quiet is so important because it almost puts in place of Harry, our main character who is looking around to see people dying, crucial moments that all lead up to the finale. This would be so overwhelming and overstimulating that of course some of your senses would shut down. Good job!

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