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I found an interesting commercial parody on YouTube which about Mac and PC. I really think this parody is really funny because it is copying one of the early Mac commercial.
There are two character in the video. The person who wear formal outfit as business man is representing PC, And the person who wear T-shirt and blue jean is representing Mac. This video included many conversations and conducted by the way of two main character teasing each other. This parody is ironically promoting the feature of Mac by comparing to PC. (Both of them introduce themselves at the beginning very clearly so we know that they are parodying PC and Mac book.) And also, you can see that there is Mac book picture had been shown during the commercial.
Basically they are promoting apple product but using negative promotion. First, you can tell how exaggerate of Mac's outfit is and the way he acts is ridiculous. This impression as a reflection of Mac user and PC user in reality (The majority users of Mac are teenager and less mature.) The Mac person demonstrated the feature Mac have but PC does not have. Second, the Mac person has been so annoying at the video while the PC person is being calm. The implication here is satirize the promotion strategy of Apple.
In my perspective, no people will think this parody is real and they will start searching the original one after they seen this video, as I did. This video is a very successful parody by having contradistinction, sarcasm, jokes, and exaggerate reactions. I hope all of you enjoy this funny video.


I think this video is a great representation of a parody and I also looked up the original commercial after I watched it. I agree with the stereotype of the PC and Mac user and think that this parody does a hilarious job at representing both of these and poking fun at this commercial. I especially liked the exaggeration of the Mac user and think it does a great job at mocking Appleā€™s advertising choice.

I agree that this is a great example of parody. They did a fantastic job of turning the imaginary consumer voice around on Apple. In the original Apple commercials, they wanted users to identify with the "mac person" more than the stodgy "PC person." This one, however, turns it around on Apple by making the Mac person a total d-bag. I particularly enjoyed the line where the PC guy says that their program isn't going to help them pay for the vacation, and the Mac guy says "that's what my trust fund is for!" which is a jab at the hefty price tag that Mac users are willing to pay for an artsy computer.

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