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i found a video on youtube that I think is interested to share to all of you. Avenger!!!. Iron man and Loki were having a talk before they fought with each other. The atmosphere was very smooth. They were getting close to each other tardily so I noticed they were going to have a fight soon. More than that, there is no background music in this clip so it is a signal before a war started.
In this clip, it is a good example to demonstrate the continuity editing. You can see that there is a lot of cut between Loki and Iron Man. Continuity editing make us available to both of their facial expression. One represented as a devil while the other one represented as hero. As an audience and a big fan of the Avengers, I really iike this scene. And also, you can see the example of 30 degree rule in this clip (the camera should move at least 30 degrees between shots of the same subject occurring in succession.).


The editing was really solid in this sequence, especially using the 180 degree rule. On the close up of when Tony Stark is putting the wristbands on, the camera adheres to the rule; if it didn't then the shot would look jarring and out of place in the scene. The camera movement when he walks down from the bar also moves to the side of the line of action between him and Loki that corresponds to the rule as well and doesn't make a jarring cut.

This is a great example to pick, not only because its the avengers which is the best, but because of all the editing choices you pointed out and how the scene equally portrays both of the characters, despite their polar opposite sides of the matter. And great way to not only be looking for editing shot sequences but also looking for other stuff we learned in class with the camera movements. We could also analyze the sound and how it it original sound as he walks, pours himself a drink, and puts on each wristband. Plus who cannot love that last line "then we will sure damn well avenge it!"

What I love about this clip is that it does keep the back and forth continuity of the conversation that RDJ and Loki are having but I also like how they placed the cameras. With the shots of RDJ from a low angle and Loki from a high angle, we can see that the directors and editors wanted to make Iron man seem more powerful than Loki and that's something that they most certainly did. I do like the choice of cutting the external sound and keeping it silent. I really focuses on the conversation that is happening as opposed to the major war that is going on literally outside the window. Very interesting

I really like what you pointed about about the silence in the background during the whole scene, even though there's obvious tension between Loki and Stark. It serves as a kind of "calm before the storm" I think and in some ways says more than music would at this point. It points out the civility between the two even though they're talking about defeating each other.

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