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I feel like the creative thing to do in this technology era is to make a parody version of popular songs and make their own version and music video to it but still have the same beat as the original song. When Psy came out with his "Gangnam style" a group of friends, I'm assuming who go to St. Ben/ St. Johns and who are originally from the Twin Citites made their parody of Gangnam Style, titled "Minnesota Style." The group of friends are well known from their Minnesota Girls parody from Katy Perry's California Girls that came out last year (?)/ two years ago.
I believe this is a parody because they use many similar situations and dances the Psy originally has in his music video- like the dance off, the girl stretching, the someone standing over the guy and thrusting, and of course- the gangnam style dance.
And of course- the group themselves consider their music videos to be a parody ;)


There were so many Gangham Style parodies, but this is one we all can relate to! I feel like our pop culture, especially music, has played a huge influence on the parodies we see today. This parody is poking fun of the Gangham style craze, yet this is light hearted and innocent, which makes it funny. I like how in the original Gangham style they have the Korean capital, Seoul, as some of the background images, which is represents them. In comparison to the Minneapolis one, they use background images of the Spoon and Cherry, along with the city lights of downtown Minneapolis.

This is a really fun video to remind us all of how awesome Minnesota is (you betcha!). They very lovingly filmed shots all over Minneapolis, just as Gangnam Style did in Seol. I particularly liked how they poked fun at their older song, "Minnesota Girls." When they said that that video was "so two years ago," they were simultaneously poking fun at themselves and the way that these sensational trends (can you say Harlem Shake?) change so quickly. One interesting thing that I learned a while ago was that the Gangnam style music video was actually an intensely political message in South Korea about the extreme wealth in some areas. I wonder if a Minnesota style parody would have any messages like that.

I enjoy watching parody because its creative. There is more than a hundred parodies of Oppa Gangnam style on YouTube. I am glad that you shared an unique one: Minnesota Style!!! After I watched this parody, I went back to the original one and tried to find the similarity between those two video. And the background image is Spoon and Cherry right? I recognized that instantly. In this parody, they are really represented Minnesota because they decided to go the landmark where can represent Minnesota, parody as propaganda culture. I also find a parody of Oppa Gangnam style which made by Chinese. I hope you will like it.

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