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Saturday Night Live has been making commercial parodies since its first season in 1975. In the show, the commercial parodies are almost never live like the rest of the program, they are made ahead of time and used to give the cast and crew time to get into costumes and setup in between sketches. Some are very funny and some are not so funny. But SNL continues to make them and I always enjoy seeing what they've come up with.
I think the "Head Lice" commercial parody is relevant for this post because it directly makes fun of a certain convention in the advertising world. The kind of commercial that is made fun in "Head Lice" is the no name "breakthrough" medical or hygiene treatment. These types of commercials often use "fancy" computer illustrations to show microscopically how their product works. This parody is about a head lice treatment that uses the african click beetle to eat the lice and it shows the microscopic lice scurrying away in fear of the beetles. Another commercial element that they make fun of is the fake customer testimonials. These are used to show that people like you and me are using this product and like it.

SNL "Head Lice" from QuietManOnline on Vimeo.


I'll be honest, when I saw this commercial in class, I was a little bit disturbed! Those beetles are a little bit terrifying! I do agree that this commercial parody does a great job of utilizing the imaginary consumer voice. Those people on the commercials are just like me, so I want the African chick beetle treatment, too! I have definitely seen head lice commercials that use the "scientific diagrams" to prove that their product kills lice on contact, which they parodied well here.

What is a good parody? I think a good parody should make audience feel interested to see the original one if they have never seen it before. I am not familiar with Saturday Night Live but I know it is a famous TV show in the United States, and I know that they show a lot of parodies during the show time. When I saw this commercial in class,I started thinking does this product ever existed? I started searching the head lice commercials on youtube after I watched this parody. Be honest, I like this one better, the artists did a good job here. It should be informational commercial but i like the way of how they did it in a funny way. That's the parody I want.
Thank you for sharing this video.

I though this was a great parody. Though like Krysta said, it was a bit disturbing, but i also thought that being a parody it had the "funny" aspect of it and also did a good job "parody-ing" a consumer voice comercial.

Some of the best parodies I have seen are from SNL. This commercial really plays up the greatness and uniqueness of this product like so many commercials do. It's funny how their testimonials are so ridiculous; their words are not what you expect customers to say. Living with Click Beetles in your hair for six months does not sound fun. But many commercials advertise crazy things like this to make their product song awesome and revolutionary. Great parody choice.

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