Sons of Anarchy

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I chose to use a scene out of Sons of Anarchy. During this scene, the main character Jax has to decide which of his friends will go fight to the death to make up for another SOA member killing another groups President's daughter. I thought that the audio was really well edited. In the opening and throughout, you could hear the heavy breathing from each character. These environmental sounds are crucial to setting the scene and showing how desperate a situation the Sons are in. Since this scene has so much action at the end, they took advantage of using action continuity. They cut the shot right before the strikes actually happened which as Zettl says; it "accentuates the beginning or end of the motion vector." This along with the secondary movement after, such as when Opie is held up and punched, really emphasizes the hit more and makes it seem more powerful. It is also interesting how they were able to establish index vector lines between Jax and Opie at the very end. Since they were best friends, this technic really made you feel that they were staring right at each other at the moment Opie was killed. This helps the viewer feel the pain Jax felt as if they were standing right in-between them.

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This is a great example of motion vectors. The editing does give the impression that the characters are looking right at each others. It definitely would have been a difficult scene to direct as well keeping all of the angles straight and making sure that it would translate well during editing.

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