If you are a Star Wars fan, this may not be the first time you have heard of the movie Spaceballs. It is one of the most popular parodies of all time, and a great example of parody used in film.

Spaceballs takes the framework of Star Wars' story and tells its own tale, one that could stand as an interesting sci-fi comedy all on its own. In fact, Mel Brooks takes Star Wars head on in this twist up of such a recognized sci-fi classic.

Most of the movie is based upon playing up the characters and referencing them with something from popular culture, as you can see below with the introduction scene of "Pizza the Hut", a spin off of Java the Hut.

The clip, as well as the rest of the movie is focused on taking the storyline and characters way out of proportion. By featuring prominent comedian John Candy, the parody is immediately given a ton of credit as a film, but then goes way into left field as far as plot is concerned.


This movie is hilarious; it's definitely a well-done parody of Star Wars. It is a goofy and hilarious movie. From the get go of the movie, they are making fun of Star Wars, by even starting off with the scroll of words. They constantly make jokes that are making fun of Star Wars. One of my favorite jokes of the movie is how they call all the characters funny names like how Java the Hutt is called Pizza the Hutt, Darth Vader is called Dark Helmet, and Princess Lea is Princess Vespa. With the new Star Wars movie coming in the upcoming years, I wonder if they will make another parody of them.

I like the way how they try to act like star wars characters. I like star wars but I never finish the entire series (those made in 80s. Parody is fun to watch, but the other implication of making parody is try to convince people to go to see the original one if they haven't seen it before. For example, I only watched the last one, now I am interested to watch all series because of this parody. In the future, I heard that there is more new star wars movie coming, I hope there will be more parody about Star Wars at that moment.

Love you parody choice. Definitely one of my favorite ones of all time. This movie has some of the most obvious parodies, such as Pizza the Hut. I think my favorite part is how they use the "schwartz" instead of using the force. It is obvious what they are making fun of and they make it seem that the "schwartz" is extremely important.

Great example! I miss Mel Brooks. Today's parodies are mostly terrible. This movie pokes fun at Star Wars, yes, but it also would be enjoyable to some who had never heard of Star Wars (unlikely I know but think about it).

Great movie choice! Mel brooks did a great job in parodying the Star Wars franchise and poking fun at it. I watched the movie a few weeks ago and was surprised at how many other references and allusions he made from The Wizard of Oz to cracker jack to Lawrence of Arabia. The movie really is just as good on a second or third viewing when you recognize these things that you didn't before!

As far as parody goes, it is damn near impossible to beat Mel Brooks. There are so many things he's gotten his hands into and every parody he does is done well. Whether it's this copy of star wars or the use of the Winnebago as the Millennium Falcon, he does this very well. The same is true for things like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. Simply wonderful!

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