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I think that there was a huge amount of learning and change that took place between our first and third productions. Production One was a lot of just figuring out how to use the equipment and properly filling our roles. Once we were a little more comfortable with those basics, we were able to open up and be more creative in our approach to the scene in Production Three. Some improvements I especially saw were much better lighting designs, camera movements, playing around with the set and props, and using more of the technical features on the switcher.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about this class was the teamwork aspect and getting to know other people in the class well. I also saw this grow as the productions went on, where we learned to trust each other more with the group work and learn how our roles could complement each other. That made the class really fun.

The advice that I would give to someone just beginning 3201 is to dive right in. I think that in order to create a good project, you have to get along well with your group. That means having fun with it, while still being responsible because it is a lot of work. Speaking of which, I guess I'd just like to thank everyone in our class for working really hard on all of our productions. Different people have their own strengths, but I really felt like everyone was committed to the work we were doing, whether it was knowing their lines or going along with a weird camera movement or whatever. So thanks for a great class, everyone, I had a lot of fun with you all.

Wrap up

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Wow, it's been an interesting semester. If I had to say the one thing that we've approved on the most throughout the semester is lighting. We had so much trouble the first production with not having enough lighting or not having the lighting properly angled. I definitely think the lighting for all three groups turned out much better for production 3 than any of the previous productions.

If I could give any advice to future 3201ers it would be, don't feel overwhelmed. At the beginning of the semester, you're going to think this class is going to be so hard and so much work, but once you get to your first production, you start having a lot of fun and it doesn't really feel like work anymore.

As for my fellow classmates . . . I've had a lot of fun working with all of you this semester. We had some pretty awesome productions and I think everyone did a great job working together to get them all done!

Wrap-Up Post

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First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for a wonderful semester of learning and trying new things together!

We were able to grow in the classroom by learning new concepts pertaining to video production, but we grew even more during studio time. By putting our visions into action, we learned more than could ever be possible in a lecture.

As we spent more time in the studio and in the classroom learning, our understanding of concepts grew as well, which showed progressively in each of our three production projects. Our ability to learn from the mistakes we made early in our first production was an important and necessary step to prepare us for making the next step. There were clear improvements made in quality of production as well as the inclusion of dynamic elements within those productions.

Teamwork was also a very important element during productions in this course. Each and every person I worked with in this course pulled their weight and it was a truly awesome experience to work with such great people. Of course, our collaboration and work strategies improved progressively from the first production moving forward.

Thank you to my fellow 3201-ers for such an awesome semester! You were all wonderful to work with and get to know over this semester. Good luck to all of you, and please do not hesitate to say hello if we cross paths around campus!

Final Post...

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Well friends, it's been fun. I suppose now that we're at the end of this class, we should look back at the things we've done and compare them to where we are now. The first thing that comes to my mind is the use of gels. It seemed as though, at the start of the semester, we were using them simply because they were available and they looked cool instead of actually having an intended purpose for them, as we did later in the semester. That being said it also seemed like the lighting designs as a whole improved from beginning to end; at the beginning you could barely see anyone whereas at the end, everyone was adequately lit and not covered in shadow like a poorly done horror film. In addition, it seemed as though we all worked better as the semester moved on. I don't know what it was, but it seemed like every thing improved as the semester went on. The switcher effects were better used and done on time, sound was better incorporated into the scenes and the blocking became more intricate. But somehow, every time something was changed, we always rose to the challenge.

For anyone coming into the class next year, I would simply say, let things be and have fun with it. That's the only way to do well in the class, by simply having fun with the projects and the class

It has been a pleasure working with you all, and I wish you the best.

Final Post

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There was a great improvement from the first production to the third. The quality of lighting, the creativity, and the sound and set designs really came out once people felt more comfortable with what they were doing. I couldn't help but notice how hectic preproduction was for the first project and how relaxed it was for the third. Everyone seemed so comfortable and prepared because they had been through it before.

In all of my production teams I thought that everyone wanted to work together and did a great job. I always felt that people were doing the best they could.

I would tell anyone who is just beginning in 3201 to just have fun with it, be creative, and don't worry if you feel you don't know what you are doing, because, really, no one knows what they are doing at the beginning. Everyone learns it together. I would also say that this is a class where you get some real hands on experience and that made it more fun than any of my other classes.

To my fellow 3201ers I would say that I really enjoyed working with all of you, seriously everyone was wonderful, fun and creative. I think learning from people who have different backgrounds and interests is incredibly valuable.

Wrap Up

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I think our productions have improved dramatically in a number of ways since our first ones. Chief among all of them is lighting. From what I can tell, bad lighting is a total rookie mistake that everyone makes. I mean, lighting was an issue with literally every first production. They all turned out darker than anyone had anticipated them being, and you could barely see the talent and set. By the end, our sets were well lit, and if it was dark it was because we meant it to be dark. The other way we improved was with both primary and secondary movement. Movement in our first productions seemed poor. Talent would block either to slow or fast, and camera operators would be choppy when moving the cameras. By the final productions, everyone seemed to have had movement down.

As far as working as a production team. I feel like everyone synced very well from the very beginning. Sure, there was that awkward phase where we were all getting to know each other, but I don't think that affected the way we worked together on the first productions. In other classes, I've felt like my classmates and I never got to the point where everyone was "on a team," even at the end, and our work always suffered for it. Here, it's like we were all a team since the very beginning. I think we can attribute this to the fun subject matter involved in the course. I mean, we get to create and shoot our very own productions! It's not like other classes where we all have to sit down and do a bunch of boring crap that no one actually wants to do. I feel like everyone who was in this class wanted to be in this class, and that's what made our production teams so strong.

To anyone just starting out in COMM 3201, I would tell them to savor every moment in this course. It may be one of the only courses you take in your college career that you'll actually enjoy. It may seem like a lot of work just looking at the syllabus, but in the end it was nothing. Stick with it, don't drop it, and have some fun. (Oh yea, and the tests are open-note, so take lots of notes).

To my fellow 3201-ers. I wish I wasn't graduating and could join those of you moving on to 3204! One of the techs was telling me about it and it sounds like tons of fun. Alas, I had to grow up and graduate. Maybe we'll work together on the outside! Who knows?

Final Wrap-Up

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Over the course of the semester, I feel as though I learned so much about media production. I came into this class not knowing anything and was just hoping to get by. By the end of the semester, I had a great base knowledge of what it takes to make a production and wanted to take the projects to the next level. Looking back at production 1, I see a few shots that were too wide and getting more in-frame than what was wanted, and lighting that was a little sub-par. In our last production, we have good lighting and I think you can see all the extra details we put into play because we were much more comfortable as a whole class with working the sound, switcher board, and the cameras. One thing I found to happen much more towards the end of the semester was our ability to work together to brainstorm new ways to use our knowledge of the effects of camera shots and sound to make our productions better. People were a lot more comfortable throwing out ideas, knowing they would be considered and not immediately shot down by anyone.

Starting out this semester, I heard that this class was a lot of work. I think that although it did take some extra work outside of class, I was able to see everyone's extra effort come together in the productions and it made it all worth it. One thing I would tell a new 3201 student would be to be prepared to practice. Use the studio time and book studio time to run through the operations so that you can make the most out of the filming day. The biggest help we had was creating a plan so that we knew exactly what we should be doing and when.

It was a really fun semester and I learned so much from both this class and everyone in it. I'm glad I took this class and I hope everyone has a great summer!

Wrap Up

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I seriously can't believe the dramatic change between our first production and last productions. It went by so fast but we learned so much! The main thing I think has improved the most is how comfortable we are with each other and with studio E. Nothing brings a class closer than a tiny class room and being forced into studio time outside of class. ;) But I can see how the talent seems to be more comfortable with each other and being in front of the cameras.
Another thing I've noticed is how the things that we worried about in pre-production for production 1 were not even on our radar during pre-production project 2. We figured out what works best and used our time wisely with the talent and camera operators because we knew that whatever we didn't do, mostly lighting and audio, could be done during outside studio time.
I for one am not a fan of group work, especially in college where everyone has a completely different schedule, but everyone seemed so flexible and willing to catch each other up if we did miss anything.
My advice for anyone taking this class is, don't be afraid to step up. I, personally, want to be an actual film director, so of course I didn't hesitate to be in charge of the first production, and I wish I could have been the director for every production after that. Don't be afraid to try new things also because that could spark a hidden interest in you that you didn't know was there.
My fellow 3201-ers: It's been so great! I loved getting to know and work with all of you, all of you are so talented! Thank you for the great unity of the class and please, please, please say hi to me if you see me around campus ;)
Have a great summer everyone!

Wrap up post

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From the first production to the last one, I have learned a lot about not only the production process but also myself. I think my work definitely improved from the first to the last production because I became more comfortable with the different roles, equipment, and terms that were used in the class. From being more familiar with pre-production day to being prepared on the production day and working with my groups to complete our production, it was all a great learning experience. On the first production, I was nervous because my script was picked and I did not think it was done very well. It was my first time ever doing anything like this, plus on top of all that I had the pressure of being talent for one of the other groups. In the end everything worked out well, our production went smoothly and my talent role also went smoothly (even though I realized that being talent is not my ideal role). This allowed the class to be more enjoyable for me and I though the semester went by quickly because of the fun we were having as well and all of the other productions went well too. Advice to someone starting in 3201 that I have is just be creative and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. In your own mind you may not think it is a good idea but others might like it or build off of it and have a successful plan. Also if you get something wrong the first time, there is always a chance to fix it in the next take. Have fun!


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I have learned so much about the world of Production this semester; I cannot believe it is already over! I think that my Production projects have really improved when comparing Production one and three. I think my camera shots got a lot more visually interesting. In Production one, we did not do a lot of camera movement, but then in Production three we executed a half circle truck in one of the shots. This movement in Production three showed we were a lot more comfortable with the cameras and wanted to take some shots to the next level; whereas in Production one we didn't have that kind of confidence. I also think another improvement from Production one to Production three was that the set was a lot better lit. Our Production one was a little dark and I feel like by our third one we started to understand the importance of a well lit set and were able to execute that and make sure everything was properly lit.

I feel like there was a big shift and improvement in my jobs from Production one to Production three. In Production one I was the AC and was really focused on just the sound aspect of the Production. Then in Production three I moved up to the Director role in the production. I held a lot more responsibility and vision within the production and feel that it would have been to intimidating to do the first one, but I am glad I got the experience it in the third one. I also feel like overall, I had a lot of good experience working in all of my production groups. I feel like comparing between Production one and three the biggest difference is that in the first one people were a little uneasy about their visions and ideas because they did not really know how it would look on camera. By the time Production three happened people were a lot more open and confident in their ideas and collaborated well to create an overall mood and feel for our production.

Some advice I would like to give to someone beginning 3201 would be don't be afraid to make a mistake or ask questions. Most everyone in the class has never done a production class like this or worked in a studio and you are all in the same boat. Another piece of advice would be the importance of securing studio time outside of class. Make sure to do it early and follow through with it because it helps to tie up the loose ends of your production.

Finally, to my instructor and fellow classmates I want to say thanks for a great semester! I loved getting to know you all and had a blast! Have a great summer everyone!


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I can't believe this semester is almost over. I feel like everyone in class has grown up so much. I did try different ATL and BTL positions from production one to production three. This class required good teamwork and high discipline. Most assignments are assigned as a group. Therefore, strong communication and management skills are very important if you want to be success in this class. Please feel free to ask your peer if you don't know anything about your assigned role. Meanwhile, help your peer if they have question about their assigned work. As I said before, most assignments are group projects in this class. It is not enough to do well in this class if only person knows his/her line. Teamwork is the main element in this class.

In production one, I was not very familiar with lighting , so I did not spend too much time on observing lighting effect, even though I did think the lighting was a little bit darker than my expectation. In addition, we did not spend too much on the set design and talent's outfit. After the production one done, I watched the other group's video, I realized that we could do a better job on set design, costuming choice, and lighting.
Overall, the production one was good as a first production project in this class. i like the sound design and the shot choices.

Based on the experience of production one, I realized it is necessary to reserve studio to practice before the production day, because only one day pre-production is not enough. We decided to have the set design and lighting design done during the extra studio time, then we would have more time to work on blocking on production day. In production two, we did spend more time on choosing sounds and camera angles. We became more familiar with using the control panel in control room, so we could put more sound effects in the video during shooting. More than that, we expanded the floor plan:
using more space and more props during the shooting. In my opinion, production two is my favorite one because my team picked the script I chose.

In production three, the lighting design and sound design became more developed. The lighting choice was more complex here so we needed to hire extra person to help us to switching light during shooting. The audio part, it was our first time to record audio at the control room. Normally we would just search some music on internet and then play it during shooting. We decided to do something different this time so we used our own voice as narrator in the story. The outcome of the decision is awesome. It is fun to do that at the control. And also, it gains our technological skills while recording audio, because we had to learn how to use the audio panel.

My advice for future students is try different ALT&BTL roles as much as you can, do not always choose the same position in every production. It is fun to try something new. Every position is unique. You will gain plentiful knowledge by being diverse roles. Another suggestion here is do not skip class! Participation is highly required in this class. As I said that before, teamwork is very important in this class. Your group would have less people to work if you skip class. Show your respect to your peer, it is the first step to build up a good relationship between you and your peer. Last but not least, do not be afraid to ask question during class period.

Finally, I want to say thank you to my instructor and all my classmates. This class would never be fun without all of you. I am glad that I choose this class because I learned a lot of media skills. It is a great preparation as being a media planner in the future.



Going back and watching Productions 1-3 was really fun for me. Throughout this whole semester I feel like the whole class has grown so much, individually and within production groups. Watching the group's work that I have been a part of has definitely given me some insight on the growth between productions. Production 1 is actually something I am quite proud of for it being the very first one. I feel the sound bed is actually put together nicely and the music makes sense for the scene. Overall the lighting was definitely a bit dark although the lighting choices were beneficial as well. Thinking about it now, I feel we purposely made those choices however, having it be the very first production there is some sort of risk and chance that you are taking while hoping everything works out.

That is a major change I have seen within Production 1-3; the choices being made are happening for a reason and you feel more confident when executing them. There are less nerves for the talent and the decisions become more thought out and envisioned. I also feel that from Production 1-3 you can see the difference in set design. As we have gone through the semester, learning more about the capabilities of the studio, the set design and camera angles become more developed. It became easier to see storyboards come to life and the floor plans also became more expanded, using more space and more props.

Throughout each group project, I felt very lucky. Every collaboration really came to life and I feel everyone in the groups communicated effectively with one another. We all pulled our own weight and the creative process was very fun. I do feel that the advice of truly sticking to your own role and your role only is something to remember. It does make things go smoother and that way it definitely is a "group" effort. Everyone has something to contribute and they know exactly what it is.

The paragraph above is the advice I would give any new comers to this class. Make sure that everyone is doing their own personal work within your group so that everyone is participating in their roles. I would also tell them to use pre-production very wisely. Come with a plan and make sure you get done what you planned on getting done. I would also tell them that reserving studio time is very important. I did this in every group I participated in and it helped immensely when making set and lighting design choices. The BIGGEST tip would be: reserving studio time the night before your actual production. If you have the first morning class, you can leave everything set up and save yourself a huge amount of time during your production. That way you can practice a lot more with your talent and tape a lot of takes to choose from.

What a fun semester! I never thought I would enjoy this class as much as I did after being quite intimidated by the curriculum! I have never taken a class like this before and I will never forget it! Thanks everyone :-)


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Looking back to the first production, a lot has changed. The lighting in the first production was pretty bad; we tried to go for chiaroscuro lighting but ended up not lighting the talent's faces very well. Oh well, at least you could see that we did have some good ideas like using blue gels and camera movement. Over the course of the semester, these ideas got coupled with experience and learning new information which made the later productions look better. The lighting in production three was done well and my group worked together to incorporate two sets in the studio without having cameras bump into each other, and through hard work made it happen.

One thing that I learned by working with a production team was how to use time wisely. The in class pre-production time was not long enough to work on lighting, so in production three we used that time to work on other parts of the production. I think that everyone in every production team that I was on had good ideas that ultimately made the final product better. It really was a team effort no matter how cheesy it may sound.

The best advice I would give to anyone taking the class in the future is this: You can read about lighting, shot composition, primary and secondary movement, etc. in a book, but it's not everyday that you can be in a studio and have the chance to actually work with the lights and sit in the TD's chair and edit scenes. I personally loved working in the studio and got a lot more out of actually making the productions than anything else; the hands-on aspect is what's so great about the class.

I enjoyed working with all of you this semester! I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!


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Looking back through the semester, time flies really does fly! I feel that I have learned a lot this semester about studio production. As a result, the work of my groups has also improved. The main areas I think that we have improved is in lighting and shot composition. Looking at my first production, there were several shots where we could not fully see our talent's faces. While we were shooting for chiaroscuro lighting, we still wanted to see their faces. In my last production, Triple H, we were wanted flat lighting and found that we maintained evenness in lighting throughout the production. We also had more shots that consistently followed the rule of thirds in production three. I really enjoyed working on a parody commercial script because it let us be creative with our camera shots and movements and be really cheesy in our effects. As far as improvement in team style, I feel that everyone in this class has been excellent to work with and willing to go the extra mile to meet outside of class or work on production documents. I feel like in the final production it was much easier for us to stay within our defined roles, as we understood them better, which resulted in less ambiguity.

If I were to give advice to a future student in 3201, I would encourage them to have a lot of fun with their productions (you're going to spend a lot of time on them!) and try things that you haven't tried before. While sometimes you'll try to accomplish a zolly and fail, sometimes you'll have really cool circle trucks that everyone in the class will be envious of. It's worth the risk and the extra work to have a cool end production.

Final thoughts for my classmates: thank you for a great semester! I worked with all of you in some capacity throughout the semester and this class wouldn't have been nearly as awesome without all of you. I hope to see you around campus!

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj


The reason why I want to share this music video to all of you because I think it is an excellent example of long take. There is no interruption in this music video. I always want to make a video only with long take, but it is extremely difficult. I think this music video will be a good material of learning long take. It is fun to share this music video with all of you, no matter you are fan of JB or not.

Wrap up

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From the first production to now, a lot has changed. My work has improved from being more familiar with pre-production day, production day and working with my groups to complete our production. On the first production, working by myself really intimated me and made me anxious for the rest of the productions. As time went on, the class became more fun because we got to work with other people and hear their ideas, and then combine all those ideas together making the production more interesting. I have a better idea then I did before about how productions work and how much work it actually really is, especially the lighting. The lighting is so difficult, but after learning the different kinds of lights and lighting techniques, it's made it easier. Advice I would give to someone beginning in 3201 is to be creative and have fun with it all. It is a lot of work but in the end, you'll be sad that the class is over. This class is very hands on and not like any of the other classes you'll probably take. Along with that advice, I would say to not be anxious. This class is all about learning the basics, and we all will screw up every once and awhile. It's learning from those screw-ups is what is important. Have fun with all the productions!

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