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I think that there was a huge amount of learning and change that took place between our first and third productions. Production One was a lot of just figuring out how to use the equipment and properly filling our roles. Once we were a little more comfortable with those basics, we were able to open up and be more creative in our approach to the scene in Production Three. Some improvements I especially saw were much better lighting designs, camera movements, playing around with the set and props, and using more of the technical features on the switcher.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about this class was the teamwork aspect and getting to know other people in the class well. I also saw this grow as the productions went on, where we learned to trust each other more with the group work and learn how our roles could complement each other. That made the class really fun.

The advice that I would give to someone just beginning 3201 is to dive right in. I think that in order to create a good project, you have to get along well with your group. That means having fun with it, while still being responsible because it is a lot of work. Speaking of which, I guess I'd just like to thank everyone in our class for working really hard on all of our productions. Different people have their own strengths, but I really felt like everyone was committed to the work we were doing, whether it was knowing their lines or going along with a weird camera movement or whatever. So thanks for a great class, everyone, I had a lot of fun with you all.

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I really like what you had to say in the advice category! As for the growth, I feel the exact same way, I actually posted a lot of the same things. However, within the advice for the newcomers, I think you are absolutely right when you say that "in order to create a good project, you have to get along well with your group." This is so true, great teamwork should not only be about fulfilling your roles but also having fun with one another so that you learn to trust each other. This makes room for so much more creativity and less tension within the group which in my experience, leads to more concrete productions. Good post!

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