Final Wrap-Up

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Over the course of the semester, I feel as though I learned so much about media production. I came into this class not knowing anything and was just hoping to get by. By the end of the semester, I had a great base knowledge of what it takes to make a production and wanted to take the projects to the next level. Looking back at production 1, I see a few shots that were too wide and getting more in-frame than what was wanted, and lighting that was a little sub-par. In our last production, we have good lighting and I think you can see all the extra details we put into play because we were much more comfortable as a whole class with working the sound, switcher board, and the cameras. One thing I found to happen much more towards the end of the semester was our ability to work together to brainstorm new ways to use our knowledge of the effects of camera shots and sound to make our productions better. People were a lot more comfortable throwing out ideas, knowing they would be considered and not immediately shot down by anyone.

Starting out this semester, I heard that this class was a lot of work. I think that although it did take some extra work outside of class, I was able to see everyone's extra effort come together in the productions and it made it all worth it. One thing I would tell a new 3201 student would be to be prepared to practice. Use the studio time and book studio time to run through the operations so that you can make the most out of the filming day. The biggest help we had was creating a plan so that we knew exactly what we should be doing and when.

It was a really fun semester and I learned so much from both this class and everyone in it. I'm glad I took this class and I hope everyone has a great summer!

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It is very important to reserve studio time then you would have extra time to practice. When I looked to production one, I can see the improvement in production three. I am glad that you have fun in this class. You have a nice summer break.

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