Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj


The reason why I want to share this music video to all of you because I think it is an excellent example of long take. There is no interruption in this music video. I always want to make a video only with long take, but it is extremely difficult. I think this music video will be a good material of learning long take. It is fun to share this music video with all of you, no matter you are fan of JB or not.


Thanks for posting this! I completely agree that it is a perfect example of a long take. What is fun about this video is it allows the viewer to feel as if they were there or if they were holding the camera. Frankly, this video is very similar to Cloverfield, when we saw a film being shot in a way that makes it look like a home video camera. Same thing here, it feels as if Justin is actually holding the camera and this is his home video camera that he took to a party. This would be very interesting when learning how to complete!

Very good point, Pak! You wouldn't necessarily notice the way the video is shot unless you had been instructed to watch carefully as the camera never breaks or cuts during the duration of the filming. Justin is following along the lines of films like Project X, which were shot single camera to make the viewer feel as if they are operating the camera during the entirety of the music video or film. I wouldn't be surprised to see this style become more popular in music over the next year. Thanks for sharing!

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