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I seriously can't believe the dramatic change between our first production and last productions. It went by so fast but we learned so much! The main thing I think has improved the most is how comfortable we are with each other and with studio E. Nothing brings a class closer than a tiny class room and being forced into studio time outside of class. ;) But I can see how the talent seems to be more comfortable with each other and being in front of the cameras.
Another thing I've noticed is how the things that we worried about in pre-production for production 1 were not even on our radar during pre-production project 2. We figured out what works best and used our time wisely with the talent and camera operators because we knew that whatever we didn't do, mostly lighting and audio, could be done during outside studio time.
I for one am not a fan of group work, especially in college where everyone has a completely different schedule, but everyone seemed so flexible and willing to catch each other up if we did miss anything.
My advice for anyone taking this class is, don't be afraid to step up. I, personally, want to be an actual film director, so of course I didn't hesitate to be in charge of the first production, and I wish I could have been the director for every production after that. Don't be afraid to try new things also because that could spark a hidden interest in you that you didn't know was there.
My fellow 3201-ers: It's been so great! I loved getting to know and work with all of you, all of you are so talented! Thank you for the great unity of the class and please, please, please say hi to me if you see me around campus ;)
Have a great summer everyone!

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Couldn't agree more, Megan! It's quite amazing what cohesion and continuity can do for a smaller group over 4 months. I wanted to make sure to comment on one wrap-up post because I totally forgot to write mine. You all brought up great points, but I could relate mostly with Megan's point about a shift in mindset when it came to group "projects" and objectives in this class. Everyone was extremely open and willing to work together in order to achieve our common goal, and I thought the end results were amazing. Cheers to a great semester everyone!

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