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I think our productions have improved dramatically in a number of ways since our first ones. Chief among all of them is lighting. From what I can tell, bad lighting is a total rookie mistake that everyone makes. I mean, lighting was an issue with literally every first production. They all turned out darker than anyone had anticipated them being, and you could barely see the talent and set. By the end, our sets were well lit, and if it was dark it was because we meant it to be dark. The other way we improved was with both primary and secondary movement. Movement in our first productions seemed poor. Talent would block either to slow or fast, and camera operators would be choppy when moving the cameras. By the final productions, everyone seemed to have had movement down.

As far as working as a production team. I feel like everyone synced very well from the very beginning. Sure, there was that awkward phase where we were all getting to know each other, but I don't think that affected the way we worked together on the first productions. In other classes, I've felt like my classmates and I never got to the point where everyone was "on a team," even at the end, and our work always suffered for it. Here, it's like we were all a team since the very beginning. I think we can attribute this to the fun subject matter involved in the course. I mean, we get to create and shoot our very own productions! It's not like other classes where we all have to sit down and do a bunch of boring crap that no one actually wants to do. I feel like everyone who was in this class wanted to be in this class, and that's what made our production teams so strong.

To anyone just starting out in COMM 3201, I would tell them to savor every moment in this course. It may be one of the only courses you take in your college career that you'll actually enjoy. It may seem like a lot of work just looking at the syllabus, but in the end it was nothing. Stick with it, don't drop it, and have some fun. (Oh yea, and the tests are open-note, so take lots of notes).

To my fellow 3201-ers. I wish I wasn't graduating and could join those of you moving on to 3204! One of the techs was telling me about it and it sounds like tons of fun. Alas, I had to grow up and graduate. Maybe we'll work together on the outside! Who knows?

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I enjoyed reading your post. It seems as if you really took the time to think about this! Something that I did not even think to post about was movement. You are completely right that our movement was a huge opportunity going forward from the first production. Getting used to the cameras and their shots is always different and so adjusting quickly is very important. I also feel you are dead on when you talk about the talent's movement. I feel as the productions went on, the floor director even felt more and more comfortable directing their talent and therefore the blocking became much better. As talent, I felt I learned better questions to ask to make sure that I was giving the ATL team what they wanted and needed and as floor director, you learn how to explain each individual shot in a way that the talent can perform. Great post! Good insight.

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