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Wow, it's been an interesting semester. If I had to say the one thing that we've approved on the most throughout the semester is lighting. We had so much trouble the first production with not having enough lighting or not having the lighting properly angled. I definitely think the lighting for all three groups turned out much better for production 3 than any of the previous productions.

If I could give any advice to future 3201ers it would be, don't feel overwhelmed. At the beginning of the semester, you're going to think this class is going to be so hard and so much work, but once you get to your first production, you start having a lot of fun and it doesn't really feel like work anymore.

As for my fellow classmates . . . I've had a lot of fun working with all of you this semester. We had some pretty awesome productions and I think everyone did a great job working together to get them all done!

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I agree with you that don't feel overwhelmed in this class. At the beginning of the semester, I was kind of stressful in this class because I thought this class is going to be tough. However, when I started my first production, I realized how much fun in this class. We worked together as a team and I learned a lot of production skills. I am glad that you have fun in this class as well. Have a nice summer break.

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