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I have learned so much about the world of Production this semester; I cannot believe it is already over! I think that my Production projects have really improved when comparing Production one and three. I think my camera shots got a lot more visually interesting. In Production one, we did not do a lot of camera movement, but then in Production three we executed a half circle truck in one of the shots. This movement in Production three showed we were a lot more comfortable with the cameras and wanted to take some shots to the next level; whereas in Production one we didn't have that kind of confidence. I also think another improvement from Production one to Production three was that the set was a lot better lit. Our Production one was a little dark and I feel like by our third one we started to understand the importance of a well lit set and were able to execute that and make sure everything was properly lit.

I feel like there was a big shift and improvement in my jobs from Production one to Production three. In Production one I was the AC and was really focused on just the sound aspect of the Production. Then in Production three I moved up to the Director role in the production. I held a lot more responsibility and vision within the production and feel that it would have been to intimidating to do the first one, but I am glad I got the experience it in the third one. I also feel like overall, I had a lot of good experience working in all of my production groups. I feel like comparing between Production one and three the biggest difference is that in the first one people were a little uneasy about their visions and ideas because they did not really know how it would look on camera. By the time Production three happened people were a lot more open and confident in their ideas and collaborated well to create an overall mood and feel for our production.

Some advice I would like to give to someone beginning 3201 would be don't be afraid to make a mistake or ask questions. Most everyone in the class has never done a production class like this or worked in a studio and you are all in the same boat. Another piece of advice would be the importance of securing studio time outside of class. Make sure to do it early and follow through with it because it helps to tie up the loose ends of your production.

Finally, to my instructor and fellow classmates I want to say thanks for a great semester! I loved getting to know you all and had a blast! Have a great summer everyone!

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Good post! Expressing to the newcomers that they shouldn't be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes is huge! I agree. I think as you come into this class it can seem pretty intimidating especially after hearing the initial work load (which is not overwhelming once you get started) and everyone is green so it seems as if we are all trying so hard to grow so fast. Really, people have to remember that it is okay to slow down, take a breath and just work through it. That is what this class is about and luckily we have a chance to write about our successes and our mistakes and grow from them both through production to production!

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