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First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for a wonderful semester of learning and trying new things together!

We were able to grow in the classroom by learning new concepts pertaining to video production, but we grew even more during studio time. By putting our visions into action, we learned more than could ever be possible in a lecture.

As we spent more time in the studio and in the classroom learning, our understanding of concepts grew as well, which showed progressively in each of our three production projects. Our ability to learn from the mistakes we made early in our first production was an important and necessary step to prepare us for making the next step. There were clear improvements made in quality of production as well as the inclusion of dynamic elements within those productions.

Teamwork was also a very important element during productions in this course. Each and every person I worked with in this course pulled their weight and it was a truly awesome experience to work with such great people. Of course, our collaboration and work strategies improved progressively from the first production moving forward.

Thank you to my fellow 3201-ers for such an awesome semester! You were all wonderful to work with and get to know over this semester. Good luck to all of you, and please do not hesitate to say hello if we cross paths around campus!

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Same here. I had mistakes on production one too, but I agree with you that the mistakes we had is a necessary step to prepare us for making the next step. Have you considered to take other media production class next semester?
Have a nice summer break.

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