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Finally a Drake Wood Duck!

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I'm set up on 3 different ponds and have been getting Mallards and Hooded Mergansers on camera, but the Wood Ducks had evaded me up until this past week. There's nothing like the color and contrast of a Drake Wood Duck's plumage.



I located a total of four drumming logs now and am set up on all of them as of yesterday. Here some of the better shots from three of them.





The beaver landing has been producing well, and this week was no exception. I caught close-ups of the beavers and a muskrat. This image really caught my eye with the low-setting sun and the amazing colors.


And finally, I relocated four of my cameras to do some scouting for turkeys out at my father's place. Season opens May 8th there and wanted to be sure they were still around. Caught some hens and a buck with his rack just beginning to develop.



Strutter, Otter Family, Hooded Merganser...

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Believe it or not, this was the very first picture on the Memory Stick off of the S600 monitoring a drumming log. I've caught a full strut like this on only one other occasion in the years I've been monitoring drumming logs. Needless to say, I was very excited when this image entered my view.


Caught this Fisher with my a W7 making his way up a deer trail.


The Drake Mallard was busy chasing the Hen around this pond when they were rudely interrupted by a Hooded Merganser. Taken with a FS7.


The Beaver landing was a busy location as always. I caught the back-end of a Timber Wolf, some mediocre Beaver shots, a Raccoon and this Black Bear trolling the crest of the dam.


And finally, when I went to check the FS7 aimed at the Beaver Landing I was greeted with huffs and hisses coming from a family of Otters who occasionally popped their heads up out of the water to get a better look at the intruder, me. Luckily they also made an appearance directly in front of the camera.


The Ruffed Grouse Drum

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I anticipated the Grouse would begin their mating ritual early this year due to the early spring, so I placed an S600 aimed at one of my old drumming logs from last year and low and behold, one began doing its thing.



My FS7s have become my new favorite camera, at 10.1 mp and a high-quality Leica lens, the pictures are S600 caliber...possibly better. I placed this FS7 on a stake pounded into a pond bed, approximately 1 foot above the water level and canted downward slightly. My target was waterfowl, which I caught some great stills of; but also got lucky when an Otter decided to surface directly in front of my camera.



This Fisher decided to prowl around searching for a meal in the daylight and I was fortunate when he walked in front of one of my W200s.

DSC04714 (1).jpg

Finally, I set up a W7 on a deer trail leading to a mineral site. I teamed it up with a Vivitar 2600 slave flash unit and lit up this Snowshoe Hare changing into its spring coat.


Archery Turkey - Kansas 2012


Myself and 3 other guys did an annual hunt this past week and had some success. This past winter was mild, so the population is up, but spring came very early. The large flocks were already broken up and the toms were mostly henned up. Temperatures soared over 90 degrees and winds were humping pretty good at times. We did some scouting the day before opener and were able to put a few gobblers to roost. We hit them in the morning and after fly-down, they were just not interested in coming in with the two live hens in front of them about 70 yards away. After a couple of hours, they finally circled around the back side of the blind and the hens lead them right in to our dekes. I was hoping for a double, but my hunting partner couldn't get a shot at the 2nd tom. I hit mine and he couldn't fly, but ran into the woods. I had set up a W200 with external microphone on video mode, aimed directly behind my Killer B decoy and just barely caught the shot...they came in so fast. Several arrows flew by the other members of our hunting party and one hit its target for a second Tom kill. Even with the tough conditions, we saw lots of action and filled a couple of tags as a bonus.





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