Strutter, Otter Family, Hooded Merganser...

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Believe it or not, this was the very first picture on the Memory Stick off of the S600 monitoring a drumming log. I've caught a full strut like this on only one other occasion in the years I've been monitoring drumming logs. Needless to say, I was very excited when this image entered my view.


Caught this Fisher with my a W7 making his way up a deer trail.


The Drake Mallard was busy chasing the Hen around this pond when they were rudely interrupted by a Hooded Merganser. Taken with a FS7.


The Beaver landing was a busy location as always. I caught the back-end of a Timber Wolf, some mediocre Beaver shots, a Raccoon and this Black Bear trolling the crest of the dam.


And finally, when I went to check the FS7 aimed at the Beaver Landing I was greeted with huffs and hisses coming from a family of Otters who occasionally popped their heads up out of the water to get a better look at the intruder, me. Luckily they also made an appearance directly in front of the camera.


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just wanted to pop on and say love the pictures of the beavers.i have just got into taking pictures in my home town of cottingham we have a few deer but no matter how hard i try to find them iam allways in the wrong location.

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