Porcupine Invasion!

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Well, this week brought about a new visitor to three of my camera locations. He waddled in to each location inspecting a mineral stump and two drumming logs. He had a special interest in the ruffed grouse turds deposited on the logs. (Taken with an S600.)


A first ever for me, in over six years of monitoring drumming logs! I actually had more than one ruffed grouse in a frame on a couple of different occasions! In this image, you can see a red-phase (likely a female) and a gray-phase (the male) on the same log. In another series of images another gray-phase visited the same log. I also included a rare picture of this drummer vocalizing. (Taken with an S600.)



Another drumming log, manned with a W200, produced some hi-res., 12mp images of a drummer in a unique pose.


The assigned, water-duty to my FS7s has continued, and has been producing amazing results. The goslings continue to visit the beaver landing and a great blue heron posed very nicely at the pond location.



And finally, after a year or more, I decided to place a camera at the swamp crossing. In years past, this location has produced with scores of calendar-quality images and it didn't disappoint this past week., turning out a fisher, pine marten and a young black bear. (Taken with an S600.)




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