Ban Ki Moon: African leaders have to respect gay rights

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United Nations Ban Ki Moon urged for gay rights to be respected in his speech infront of the African Union Sunday.

Homosexuality is illegal in many countries in Africa, including many major Western allies such as Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Botswana. Many African churches also preach against it.

According to the BBC, Both the US and UK have recently warned they would use foreign aid to push for homosexuality to be decriminalised on the socially conservative continent.

In the new Chinese-built AU headquarters in the capital of Ethiopia, Ban said to the delegates that gay people should not be treated as "second-class citizens and or even criminals."

Quoted by the AFP, Ban Ki Moon said, "Confronting these discriminations is a challenge, but we must not give up on the ideas of the universal declaration (of human rights)."

He also said that the Arab Spring is a reminder that leaders of countries have to listen to their people.

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