Attributions: U.N. Security Council fails to pass resolution on Syria

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This article was filled with emotionally charged quotes like, "disgusted" and "appalled."

The quotes were scattered throughout the article. First, there was a quote by the United States U.N. ambassador:

"Those that have blocked potentially the last effort to resolve this peacefully ... will have any future blood spill on their hands," U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice told CNN. "The people of Syria have yet again been abandoned by this Council and by the international community."

This quote really set the emotion and the stand of the article. It portrays a negative image upon the countries who vetoed the motion and that the security council has let Syria down.

Then, there was information of the number of deaths in Syria from opposition groups and activists. But since those were not confirmed numbers, the writer wrote a disclaimer after he attributed the information to them:

"CNN cannot independently confirm opposition or government reports from Syria because the government has restricted journalists' access to the country."

Finally, the writer quoted other ambassadors from other countries to tie up the article.

The quotes were not confusing at all. In fact, they were very effective in bringing emotions that were felt in that room to the readers.

The link to the article is here:

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