Headphone Parties in India

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At these huge headphone parties, everyone is dancing to three different DJ booths all playing different music but there is not a sound to be heard.

These outdoor parties organized by Silent Noise was the solution to Goa's 10 P.M noise pollution ban. Party attendees can dance all night long without disturbing nearby residential areas.

According to CNN Go, the headphone party concept is not a new one. It has been very popular in big European music festivals for many years already.

Party attendees can listen to their choice of DJ by switching the channels on their headphones. Friends talk to each other just by taking off their headphones and using a comfortable speaking volume. People break the ice with each other by exchanging their favorite channels and literally pushing buttons on another person's headphones.

The party can go on through the night without disturbing sleeping neighbors. This concept is becoming so popular that there are headphone parties held in Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore regularly.

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