Structure: Romney wins chance to reset status

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I felt that this article was structured very well. The lead only talks about Mitt Romney and his win in Maine this past Saturday. It also mentioned that it was a significant victory for him and his campaign.

Then in the second paragraph, it brings up Ron Paul and how he had tried very hard to rally in Maine. This brings to light the significance of Maine and shows Romney's upperhand in Maine compared to Paul.

The third paragraph then tells me the exact numbers of the caucus.

As you go through this relatively wordy and fact-packed article about Romney's win, it gives you more and more details about why this win is significant to his campaign and the competition between Romney and Paul.

This article gives me the whole picture of what is going in chunks of facts and analysis of the situation. It is clear and not confusing at all.

The link to the article is here.

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Keep up the work, Michelle. Good job. G.G.

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