China's cracks down on coup rumors online

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The Chinese government shut down 16 websites and detained six internet users for "fabricating or spreading" online rumors.

According to the BBC, the rumors of the coup were about military vehicles on the street of Beijing.

According to USAtoday, rumors began to go crazy on Chinese websites after the dismissal of rising party member, Bo Xilai. Bo's fall came after an internet scandal of his police chief trying to find asylum in a U.S. consulate.

According to the BBC, Bo's fall came during a time where China will begin a once-in-a-decade leadership change. This could signify a huge power struggle within the party.

The People's Daily, the party's main newspaper, wrote that "Internet rumours and lies packaged as 'facts' will turn conjecture into 'reality,' stir up trouble online and disturb people's minds," reported the BBC. However, BBC correspondents say that there is no evidence to substantiate the rumors of the coup.

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