Fang Lizhi, the man who inspired Tiananmen, dies

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Fang Lizhi, the man who sparked the Tiananmen Square protests, died at 76 years old in the United States.

According to the BBC, Fang was a leading astrologist in China who was expelled from the Communist Party after being accused of stirring unrest. After the crackdown at Tiananmen, Fang and his wife sough refuge at a U.S. embassy and was finally brought over to the United States after a year.

The Huffington Post stated that Fang would stand up against the Deng Xiaoping government and use satire to mock the government during his physics classes. Although he was well-liked by his students, the party blacklisted him.

He was a strong advocate for science as a force for human rights, according to the Huffington Post. To be successful in science, there has to be free flow of information and independent judgement.

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