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Obama says that he will be "angry" if scandals are true

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As many as a dozen American secret service and military officers have been sent back to the United States from the Summit of Americas in Columbia for misconduct.

LA Times states that the misconduct has to do with the involvement of at least one agent with a prostitute. The agents were relieved of duty and replaced with new agents, according to a Secret Service spokesman.

LA Times reported that this happened prior to President Obama's arrival at the summit.

Obama spoke for the first time about this incident Sunday and said that he would be "angry" if these scandals were true, reported The Washington Post. "We are representing the people of the United States, and when we travel to another country, I expect us to observe the highest standards," he said.

Chairman of a House investigative panel, Californian Republican Darrell Issa told the Washington post that he is not sure whether Congress would hold hearings for the misconduct, but they will be looking "over the shoulder" of the Secret Service to make sure that the agency's methods for training and hiring agents are up to expectations.

Santorum popular among evangelicals and catholics

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Rick Santorum's success in the Republican presidential primaries has a lot to do with his appeal with to evangelicals and catholics.

According to the Seattle Times, some prominent evangelical leaders had gathered in Texas to discuss backing a 2012 GOP candidate. Santorum was their choice.

Santorum is now running almost even with Mitt Romney. According to surveys by the Pew Research Center's Forum of Religion and Public Life, Santorum had doubled his support from white evangelical Republicans from 22 percent last month to 41 percent two weeks ago. Also, an Associated Press survey found that White Catholics also preferred Santorum to Romney, 38 percent to 29 percent.

According to the Seattle Times, his concerns that appeal to the conservatives include promoting traditional roles for women and opposing gay marriage and abortion.

According to MLive, Santorum has vowed to not allow federal dollars to fund abortion, stem cell research and Planned Parenthood.

3 skiers killed in avalanche

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Three skiers were killed and one was saved by a safety device in an avalanche near a popular ski resort in Washington state.

The four were among a group of about a dozen skiers who were on Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains.

"All were buried to some extent, but the men who died were swept approximately 1,500 feet down a chute in the Tunnel Creek Canyon area," King County Sheriff's Sgt. Katie Larson said to the Washington Times.

Larson also told CNN that all the skiers were experienced and had avalanche safety equipment.

Deputy Chris Bedker with the King County Sheriff's Office also told CNN that the skiers were in a designated out-of-bounds area, but it was not closed and they were allowed to be there.

Whitney Houston dies at 48

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Whitney Houston, iconic pop superstar, died in Beverly Hills, Calif. at the age of 48.

According to the New York Times
, Houston was staying at the Beverly Hilton hotel and was going to attend a pre-Grammy party hosted by her mentor, Clive Davis. She was found in her room at 3.55 p.m., and paramedics tried to revive her for 20 minutes.

Many stars have expressed their shock on Saturday night during pre- Grammy festivities in Los Angeles. Simon Cowell told CNN that Houston was a benchmark.

Houston achieved success during the 1980s into the 1990s with her three octave voice span. She then deteriorated through many years of marijuana and cocaine addiction.

She is survived by her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

This article was filled with emotionally charged quotes like, "disgusted" and "appalled."

The quotes were scattered throughout the article. First, there was a quote by the United States U.N. ambassador:

"Those that have blocked potentially the last effort to resolve this peacefully ... will have any future blood spill on their hands," U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice told CNN. "The people of Syria have yet again been abandoned by this Council and by the international community."

This quote really set the emotion and the stand of the article. It portrays a negative image upon the countries who vetoed the motion and that the security council has let Syria down.

Then, there was information of the number of deaths in Syria from opposition groups and activists. But since those were not confirmed numbers, the writer wrote a disclaimer after he attributed the information to them:

"CNN cannot independently confirm opposition or government reports from Syria because the government has restricted journalists' access to the country."

Finally, the writer quoted other ambassadors from other countries to tie up the article.

The quotes were not confusing at all. In fact, they were very effective in bringing emotions that were felt in that room to the readers.

The link to the article is here:

Job Report a Good Thing for Obama

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A job report released on Friday is good news for President Obama.

David Lauter who write for the Los Angeles Times wrote that if President Obama gets reelected this November, this job report will be remembered as the turning point for his campaign.

Employment rose by 243,000 jobs and the unemployment rate edged down to 8.3% from 8.5%. Furthermore, most of the jobs were created in the private sector.

This might undermine Mitt Romney, who has been using the dipping economy and high unemployment rate as the heart of his campaign and has been repeated saying that Obama has "failed" in trying to create new jobs in the private sector.

President Obama's term did have a positive outcome even though he had to face a republican- majority congress, deal with health-care and not forgetting major foreign issues like China, Syria and the European Union's debt crisis. Meanwhile Mitt Romney, who is being heavily funded by multi-millionaires and billionaires, made comments that "the poor" is not of his concern. Who are you going to vote for this fall?

To watch the breakdown of the job report:

Polls show Romney ahead of Gingrich in Florida

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Two statewide polls show that Floridians favoring Romney much more than Gingrich.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Romney leads Newt Gingrich by margins of 11 percent and 15 percent in the surveys. If the predictions are right on Tuesday , it would represent an abrupt reversal of last weekend's South Carolina vote, in which Gingrich took by a double-digit score.

Despite this fact though, Gingrich vows that he will continue fighting. On CNN, he questioned Romney's ethics accusing Romney of not even being able to be honest with the issues he voted for.

This campaign is about the future of America and the Republican party, said Gingrich.

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