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Week 1 update

Hopefully you all have survived your first week of school unscathed!

Next week we'll continue on with readings for our first essay unit. Monday we'll read "Unhappy Meals"--a piece about nutrition and health. On Wednesday it's "Why the Fries Taste Good" from a book called Fast Food Nation. It's about the rise of processed and corporate food production, as well as the role food science and flavoring plays in those foods. Friday is "The Hidden Cost of Cheap Chicken"--a rather harrowing look at chicken production which raises animal rights issues for us to talk about. I think you'll find them all interesting in their own way. Remember that I expect you to post on each before class time in that Reading Discussions topic.

Also next week, we'll talk about incorporating outside sources. On Monday, we'll address quoting and paraphrasing, and on Wednesday it's citing. You'll have some time to begin working on your paper on Friday, so come prepared to do that--bring some kind of flash drive or other way to transport files if you type.

Please let me know if you're having problems accessing some part of this as we get going. They'll be some bumps in the road as we learn how this will work, so please don't be shy in asking questions!