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Week 3 Update

Next week will be a revision week for us. On Monday, you should plan on bringing comments for your revision group members to class. You'll talk in a group and have time to write/revise in class. So plan to bring materials you need to do that as well. On Wednesday, your second draft is due--just post again in your revision group's discussion topic. Friday is revision groups again.

Overall, the first drafts I've seen looked to be in good shape. I'll post some more detailed thoughts on that next Monday. The biggest problems came from too much summarizing and not enough of your own thoughts on the pieces you've read. The goal here is to think critically about these pieces--making connections and asking questions. Stay away from just summarizing what the pieces said.

I've emailed back comments to people in groups 1-3 in each class. I'll try to get some general feedback to people in the other groups by next Monday if I can. Groups 4-6 will get detailed feedback next week.

As I noted in class, I won't be on email most of the weekend, but I can try to answer questions next Monday in class. I may be able to check in over the course of the weekend in case someone has an emergency.