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Week 8 update

Next week we'll keep working at your research projects. On Monday, we're meeting in the lobby of Wilson Library. If you get there more than five minutes late, we'll end up down in the basement periodicals section, so you can look for me there. You'll primarily be exploring the place on your own, doing a kind of nerdy scavenger hunt.

On Wednesday, you've got a piece to read--"I'll Take Chop Suey" (disregard the student paper listed on the syllabus). We'll use that to talk a bit more about research and scholarly writing. We'll also have some more time to talk about research methods in class.

No class Friday--you'll be signing up for another round of conferences on Wednesday. That means I'll have people coming around for my office hours for the next week or two, so try to contact me beforehand if you're thinking of coming in without an appointment, just to make sure I'm not already scheduled for someone else.

Also, next Thursday, I'm moving office hours up two hours because of another commitment--to 10-12 in the morning. But again, it will be conferences for most of that time, so let me know if you're planning on coming in.

Thanksgiving is almost on the horizon!!