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Week 10 update

Next week we continue work on these research projects. On Monday, we'll be working on citation, revisiting style, and doing some brainstorming for your final project (a lot for one class!). Please bring copies of your sources to class so we can do some workshopping on citation in particular.

On Wednesday and Friday, we'll dig into your second drafts. The draft itself is due Wednesday, in the same place as your first draft. We'll talk about paraphrasing and plagiarism during that class time, using the TurnItIn service. Don't worry about doing anything with TurnItIn before class-that's something I'll help you with. Revision groups are on Friday again.

Please don't forget that if you haven't already conferenced with me about this paper, it is your responsibility to do so by the end of next week. Conferences during the revision group time count for this. I've got conferences set up for my other class next week during office hours, so if you're planning on stopping by, send me an email to make sure someone else won't already be here.

Only twelve more class times to go!