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Week 11 notes

Sorry to cancel class today, as I know several of you wanted the chance to chat with me. If you have specific questions, send me an email and I'll do what I can. I'm a single dad through tomorrow night.

In terms of the drafts I looked at, several still had some significant organizational problems in following the assignment. Most summarized sources fairly well, and had specific sections about each source. A few still had a more argumentative organization, combining several sources in each paragraph, which is not what I'm looking for. More commonly, though, people didn't introduce sources very well--stating early on contextual information like the author (including qualifications/background), title, place published, or overall purpose/format. And/or people don't do much to compare/contrast the perspectives or information these articles contain. Both of those are important parts of this project. Look back at the two samples I posted last week for more information on what I'm looking for with this.

Next Monday your final drafts are due. For those, you'll need the following:

Bring to class (preferably in a folder):

  • Printed copy of your final draft

  • Example of feedback you gave to someone

  • Printed copies of sources you used (the pages you cited from at the very least)

Post online:

  • Electronic copy of your final draft in the appropriate TurnItIn.com spot in "Research Project Stuff"--you can also do this in class if you're not sure what to do. Just be sure to bring the file with you

We'll talk about this project and get started on the debate project during that class time. No class on Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving (almost)!