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Week 13 update

Next week we'll continue work on this debate assignment. On Monday, we'll talk a little about this upcoming course portfolio, but you'll have the rest of the time to work on your group's reaction paper. You basically have until the end of the day Monday to post those--we might say by 9 Tuesday morning is a firmer deadline. To post those, simply have someone from your group reply to the position paper you're reacting to and post your reaction paper as an attachment.

On Wednesday and Friday, we'll have our actual debates. The list of group orders are listed below. Before class, you are responsible for reading all the position papers for that days' groups (unless you're a member of one, in which case, you've already read and responded to them). Before class time, your job is to come up with a question based on each position paper you read (that is, one for each side of the debate). Under the "Debate stuff" folder, there's a "Debate Discussion Topics" folder. Create a post for each topic listing your two questions before class time--it counts the same as any reading discussion.

For each debate, the groups will have about 5 minutes a piece to ask questions of the opposing side--this is your chance to grill your classmates. The remaining time (10-15 minutes) will be open discussion, where the class can ask questions of either team based on their papers. The goal here is to push one another a bit--finding places where the arguments need more support or better reasoning.

Lastly, remember that all group members are responsible for writing an individual reflection after the debate--due at the next class time. Instructions for that are found on the assignment, but this shouldn't take up much of your time.

Let me know if you have questions about any of this--I know it's a little confusing.